Chuck E. Cheese

Piñata Smashling and Chuck E. Cheese® Join Forces for a metaverseadventure and real world fun!

Piñata Smashlings is teaming up with Chuck E.Cheese®, the world's premier family entertainment destination, to deliver animmersive Piñata Smashlings™ experience to young fans. This captivatingexperience will unfold both in the game and in Chuck E. Cheese fun centers,marking Chuck E. Cheese characters' debut official IP integration into theRoblox universe.

A Three-Month Adventure Kicking Off in October

This fully integrated, three-monthextravaganza kicks off this October and will run until the end of the year atselect Chuck E. Cheese fun centers across the United States and Canada. Thecampaign promises a treasure trove of special events, including excitingproduct sampling weekends and an opportunity for fans to create their very ownPiñata Smashlings characters. Additionally, players will have an exclusivechance to collect Chuck E. Cheese characters within the new Piñata SmashlingsRoblox game, jointly developed by Toikido and Supersocial, a renownedU.S.-based developer and publisher of metaverse games and experiences.

A Metaverse Adventure and Real-World Fun

This groundbreaking partnership will enableplayers of the Piñata Smashlings Roblox game worldwide to digitally engage withChuck E. Cheese characters as Smashlings in-game, marking their debutappearance in the metaverse. The collaboration extends to an array of excitingphysical in-store activities, in-store digital displays, fantastic prizes, andtwo thrilling product sampling weekends. Mark your calendars for October 21 and22, and November 11 and 12, where Chuck E. Cheese locations across participatingareas will feature these events.

A special treat awaits guests at a Chuck E.Cheese fun center in Los Angeles (details to be revealed soon) where they'llenjoy the presence of social media sensation Sean Does Magic, who recently madehis mark in the Piñata Smashlings world with his own Smashlings character.During the first weekend, Chuck E. Cheese will generously give away 100,000 newPiñata Smashlings blind bags from master toy partner P.M.I. Toy World. In thesecond weekend, they'll distribute 200,000 new Piñata Smashlings trading cards,showcasing Chuck E. Cheese characters as Smashlings, courtesy of the brand'snewest licensee, Panini.

Additional Highlights of the Chuck E. Cheese Partnership Include:

●     Transforming sixbeloved Chuck E. Cheese characters—Chuck E. Cheese, Pasqually, Mr. Munch,Jasper T. Jowels, Helen Henry, and Bella B.—into Smashlings characters. Playerscan collect them all to unlock a dedicated Chuck E. Cheese-branded area withinthe game.

●     A "Design YourOwn Piñata Smashlings" competition, with the grand prize winner'sSmashling to be featured in the game for players worldwide to collect.

●     A "goldenticket" promotion that rewards kids who receive the Piñata Smashlingstrading card of a special gold Chuck E. Cheese with a birthday party and anexclusive Piñata Smashlings prize package.

In addition, the family entertainment center will showcase PiñataSmashlings video content on its in-store CEC Media Network, a closed-circuit TVnetwork spanning over 5,000 screens across all fun centers in the U.S. Thecampaign will also extend to digital channels and promotional signage, amongother elements.

Stay tuned for an unforgettable adventure as Toikido and Chuck E.Cheese unite to take you on an exhilarating journey through the vibrantPiñataverse!

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